Not the underdog

My son Emmitt loves the story of David and Goliath. At first we thought it was because he sees himself as an underdog like David. He is little and disabled, and fighting a horrendous Goliath of a disease. But Emmitt does not see himself as the weaker one or the underdog, and neither did David.
David was not an underdog. David came prepared. He had practised his shot in the fields. He protected his flocks. David stayed true to himself. He refused to wear Saul’s armour. He trusted his abilities, and he trusted God. He knew God was on his side. And when God is on your side, you are never the underdog.
How often do we forget that? How often when we are faced with our own version of Goliath do we forget that we are not the underdog. If we stay true to ourselves and use the gifts God has given us, we can face anything.
Maybe Emmitt likes this story because it reminds him that with God on his side he can face and conquer anything. We need to trust that with God we can face Goliath.

Dear Lord, we all face our own versions of Goliath. Help us trust in the gifts you gave us, our abilities, and most importantly in you. Amen.

Contributed by Virginia Burke

Eternity for Today