Lamb is the light

My daughter is scared of the dark. We tried various different night lights and tricks to help her feel safe at night. Nothing worked, until we found a little lamb shaped diffuser that lit up in different soft colors. Now, her lamb light goes everywhere she goes. She will sleep in any room that is softly lit by her lamb.
I thought about that light when I read the text from Revelation. “The city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God is its light, and its lamp is the Lamb.” (Revelation 21:23) It is human nature to be scared of something we do not know or understand. The book of Revelation can be frightful because it stirs up images of an end time that we do not understand.
Like a child scared of the dark, we can be equally frightened by images of an end time in an unknown future. We have the gift of faith though; we know the Lamb. The unknown future will be lit and shaped by the known God. With the Lamb of God lighting our darkness and our future, we do not need to be afraid

Dear Lord, help us to trust the unknown future to a known God. Help us to see the Lamb as our lamp that lights our present and our future. Amen.

Contributed by Virginia Burke

Eternity for Today