A daunting task

When we read this passage, it helps to remember that Paul was writing to a badly divided church that publicly humiliated Paul himself, their founder and mentor. Although it might be tempting, Paul didn’t give up on them.
Defending the common good in the face of powerful opponents who are only concerned with their own interests and agendas takes courage. It is also necessary to speak the truth about what needs to be done in specific circumstances, with the love and forgiveness needed to bring about the justice we are calling for.
In today’s society, sometimes even in our churches, we too often find ourselves seeking the courage to do the right thing and to act on what our consciences call us to do and struggling to find the courage to do that. It is a daunting task that we would rather leave to those who are more courageous, more powerful, better equipped than we are.
Paul reminds us that such courage is found when we stay focused on the love of Christ. Through God’s grace, power reaches full maturity in weakness, the way of the cross. We can be confident that God’s mercies and consolation will prevail in the end.

God, grant us the courage not to give up what we think is right even though we find the way ahead daunting and uncertain. Amen.

Contributed by Rev. Kenn Ward

Eternity for Today