Do you feel blessed? To answer, you might think of being blessed the way suggested by the song “Count your blessings.” While that exercise may help you to appreciate how much God has provided for you that results in gratefulness, that’s not what Jesus means by being blessed. In this passage, blessed means following Jesus and bringing healing to others by using our blessings in ways that live out God’s word, changing lives for the better.
Most people whom Jesus met believed in demon possession, but we don’t know exactly what that meant. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is noting how people reacted when Jesus cast out a demon and Jesus’ response. Many were amazed. Others tried to understand by insisting on a sign from heaven. Still others refused to trust Jesus’ motives and tried to plant false news.
Many today are still amazed by Jesus or want more information or even reject Jesus’ way, denying the evidence as somehow sinister. Faith cannot take root when people are unwilling to open themselves to who Jesus is, being willing to take him at his word and responding by living and loving as he did with the gifts God has given them.

Living, loving God, help me to bring healing to those around me as you provide the opportunities. Amen.

Contributed by Rev. Kenn Ward

Eternity for Today