Stand together

I read a recent Facebook meme which read, “Prays well with others.”
I live in an interfaith marriage. Christie, my wife, is a disciple of the Baha’i faith. Over the years, until hospitalization and COVID interfered with our living, we hosted an interfaith prayer gathering once a month. It was striking. We had people of Jewish, Islamic, Mormon, Indigenous and other faith traditions gather and pray to the one God we share in common.
As I write this, there is renewed violence in the Middle East. Refugees are scrambling to leave war torn spots around the world. There is strife everywhere. The climate crisis is being ignored. It is time to stand shoulder to shoulder with the brother and sister and mother that we share with Jesus, and work for the will of God.
We might even learn how much we have in common. A faithful Muslim once told me the Koran stipulates you cannot be a good Muslim if you do not acknowledge Jesus.
Jesus calls us to think outside the bloodlines of family, nation and faith to see what others are doing to advance the will and purpose of God.
It is time for us to stand together.

Loving God, help us understand that differences are not necessarily differences. Help us to stand together. Amen.

Contributed by David Lowe

Eternity for Today