Good grief

I have been on quite a ride over these past four years. I have spent 18 months in hospital over four stays. I have had three knees replaced, yes, that is right, three knees replaced. I have had screws and plates put on a busted ankle. I have had CPR administered. I have had an out of body experience.
We as a community have had quite a ride. COVID hit. We have endured the divisions that took place as people argued the pros and cons of masking, getting vaccinated, and methods of dealing with a new illness we don’t understand.
When I returned to work as an interim minister, my sister sagely advised me that over the past four years I was the only one who believed I would return to work. She and all my other family members didn’t agree with me.
As a people of God, we are still grappling with the effects of COVID. Many of us have moved to remote worship, Bible study and fellowship. Many of us attend in person some days and remotely others.
Yet we persevere. We are still in God’s hands. I could not have survived the past four years without God strengthening my soul. We couldn’t have either.

Thank you, God, for simply being there and bearing us up when we begin to tilt. Amen.

Contributed by David Lowe

Eternity for Today