Peer pressure is strong

When my children were teenagers, we had a code word. If they were someplace that made them uncomfortable, and there was a lot of peer pressure to stay there, they could call me. If they wanted to stay longer they would begin with “Dad, is it okay if I…”
If, however, the quest to stay began with the word “Daddy,” that was my cue to mount a parental indignation, and demand they come home immediately. In fact, they were told to get their derrieres out to the curb, I would be there in 10 minutes to pick them up.
They were able to save face with their peers and have everyone feel sorry for my children because their father was so mean. I kept my children as safe as they would let me.
The elders of Israel needed to have a code word to extract them from the pangs of peer pressure.

Creator, in our quest to belong and fit in with our friends, we lose sight of you and your love. Help us pay attention. Amen.

Contributed by David Lowe

Eternity for Today