Feeling the love

Trinity Sunday is not a day when we hear much about Jesus’ ministry in church. Rather we hear more about the doctrine of the Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But in this doctrine, the one thing that stands out above anything else, is that no matter how we speak of God, we always, always, speak of God’s love in our lives.
The very famous verse of John 3:16 always amazes me in how it so clearly tells me about the amazing grace of God who unconditionally loves us so much that God would send Jesus to die for us, and then raise him on the third day to bring us the hope of new live in the resurrection.
There are certainly times and days in life when we don’t feel loved or cared for, when things are not going well, or life seems like nothing but a struggle. In those times, John 3:16 becomes a source of inspiration and hope that all is not lost, but that no matter what, God loves us so much that God gave us the Son to bring hope and new life.

God of new life, thank you for loving the world and for loving me. Thank you for the Holy Spirit that helps me feel your love in my life. Amen.

Contributed by J. Krister Ulmanis

Eternity for Today