Sharing the peace

Most congregations’ liturgy includes sharing the peace. This is not the time to make lunch plans for after church or catch up on the latest news about a friend. Instead, it is an opportunity to share the peace that God is blessing us with, the peace that people of all walks of life are searching for in their lives in midst of the troubles of the world we live in.
Christ’s peace transcends everything. Sharing the peace in a meaningful way is an understanding that we share God’s love, God’s grace, God’s joy with someone else so that they, even for a moment in their lives, will find a stillness within them blocking out the noise and worries of the world.
The psalmist’s words are a reminder that God is blessing us with peace. Our calling is to spread that peace to others so they can have that same peace we find in our lives.
We have many opportunities during the week to share God’s peace with others. To share God’s love, God’s grace, God’s joy as we give someone a moment of peace in their lives.

God of new life, guide me each and every day to find people with whom I can share your peace so that I can share your word and bring a sense of peace to their lives. Amen.

Contributed by J. Krister Ulmanis

Eternity for Today