We are almost always thirsty, but what are we drinking?

We live in a world that almost always thirsts for more. More of everything. Quick answers to complex questions. Bigger cars, larger houses, more money. Sometimes, when we look at the world around us and how people try to satisfy themselves, it seems this thirst for more is insatiable.
The reality is, of course, that not everyone has the means and opportunities to have more of what the world offers. And for some it seems that they can never get enough of what the world offers.
In trying to satisfy this thirst, we tend to forget what truly quenches our thirst. And that is something that is even better than what the world offers. This is Jesus himself.
Jesus is offering us an invitation to be part of this living water, a water that quenches our thirst in a way no material wealth can ever do. Instead, Jesus invites us to drink and, in that act, become living water so we can live out our faith in the world around us.

Contributed by J. Krister Ulmanis

Eternity for Today