Who am I listening to?

Haven’t we all felt at some point that our lives are like the dry bones prophet Ezekiel writes about? I know that I have been in that wilderness wishing for someone to prophesy and bring new life to a weary body.
Of course, no one has prophesised me back to life, but from that very existence as dry bones there has come new life to me. And that new life has come in my life through the realization that no matter how much in the valley my life has been, God has been there with me on the journey, guiding me through the valley to bring new life and new hope to the weary bones that have been my life.
In the midst of your journey through the valley, when you have felt like your life is nothing but dry bones, have you ever reflected on how God has put flesh on your life (verse 6) and guided you to new life, to new hope? Look back and see where God has changed your dry bones to new life.

God of new life, when I have felt lonely and empty, and life seemed like nothing but dry bones, thank you for helping me see how you, through the Holy Spirit, have put new life and new hope in my very existence. Amen.

Contributed by J. Krister Ulmanis

Eternity for Today