Happy Spirit Day!

This is Pentecost Sunday, the day the Spirit descends on the disciples; the day we mark as the beginning of the Christian church. Today is a big day in many churches. It is often the day that our youth are confirmed, publicly witnessing to the faith in which they were baptized.
On Thursday, we read the passage often used on this day. The passage for today is the verses right before the ones we read on Monday. Today we tie it all together.
Jesus has ascended but has not left us alone. We have been given the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, the Advocate. Our life in Christ is not ours to live alone. God gives us the Spirit to guide us. And the Spirit is not alone either, working through pastors, teachers, parents, even children, and so many more to guide us.
The word “Advocate” (verse 7) refers back to the Roman legal courts. The advocate was not your lawyer, but rather a person who stood beside you, to comfort you, to be a friendly face. The Spirit is the one who stands beside us in times of sorrow and joy, pain and gladness.

Holy Spirit, descend on your church today. Guide us; be our advocate in all that we do. Amen.

Contributed by Eric A. Roberts

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