Don’t be afraid

We praise God for the creation. But the natural world can be a scary place. In biblical times especially, there were lots of ways to get in trouble, to be injured and to die. In this psalm, that sort of thing is barely mentioned. What it does say is that all creation is there for us; it is filled with good things.
Then there was Leviathan. Even the Sea of Galilee, which is quite small compared to the Mediterranean Sea, was treacherous for sailors. Ancient people thought that there were monsters living in the water, ready to devour careless sailors. We don’t know exactly what creature Leviathan refers to, but it doesn’t really matter. It was one of those scary things that people thought were there in the depths.
But not in this psalm. In this psalm, Leviathan was a creature God made to “sport” in the ocean. The ships and Leviathan seem to share the space and no harm done.
God’s creation is not meant to do us harm. Everything we have is part of creation.
God’s creation is not to be feared, respected, yes, but know that creation is here for our benefit.

God of creation, we thank you for all the things you provide for us. Amen.

Contributed by Eric A. Roberts

Eternity for Today