Visions and dreams

This reading is often read on Pentecost Sunday. It is familiar, but what does it tell us about today?
The disciples are still trying to understand the events and what they mean for them and the other followers. Suddenly, the promised Holy Spirit descends on them and sends them out to the crowd that heard the noise. The crowd is filled with people from all those places we struggle to pronounce. They represent nearly all the ethnicities around the Mediterranean and beyond. God’s message is not limited but includes all peoples.
And as usual, there are skeptics. This can’t be true; they are drunk; we can ignore these folk. But Peter puts them right, noting the early hour, and also puts the whole scene in context. The context stretches all the way back to Joel: visions, dreams, prophecy, smoky mist.
The message of the gospel does not come quietly. It comes with power to change the lives of people. It can be scary at times, but the word of God is not limited to a few people. God’s Spirit is in all of us to do God’s will and bring joy to the world.

Holy Spirit, come to us today and share the vision you first shared with Joel. Amen.

Contributed by Eric A. Roberts

Eternity for Today