Our God is real

The psalms are often like modern praise music, they simply offer praise to God for blessing the faithful. This psalm adds a bit of ridicule for those who believe in idols: they have mouths, but they do not speak and so on. (verse 5)
The contrast goes much deeper. Idols don’t do anything for the people who worship them. Compare that with God who blesses the people. God actually does things for the people.
There is more. People put their own desires and ideas into the idols they make. God does whatever God wants, and what God wants is to bless the people. Do we want a god who parrots what we want anyway, or do we want a God who blesses us in ways we sometimes do not think about? Do we want the blessings the world gives—power, wealth, fame? Or do we want the blessings God gives—a loving heart, a faithful spirit, a giving manner? All these things may be given to you, but which are the more important?

God of heaven and earth, bless us with what we truly need. Help us be a blessing to others. Amen.

Contributed by Eric A. Roberts

Eternity for Today