Friendly and not so friendly

So, now you have read the entire letter of third John. Though it is short, what it says is important for congregations of any time.
The one who writes this letter is simply referred to as the elder, presumably a person long in the faith and well respected. The elder writes first to praise Gaius, possibly the leader of a small congregation, and to praise the congregation in general for the good work they are doing and for their faithfulness. But the elder must also point out where things are not going well. There seems to be at least one person who needs correction, “who likes to put himself first.” (verse 9)
There is always a danger in a congregation that a person or group will want to take charge and decide who is worthy of importance. The elder simply writes that they should imitate the good, i.e., follow the truth of the gospel. And the elder tells them that a follow-up visit is in order, just to be sure.
The church welcomes everyone. The gospel is the truth for all. It is not our job to sort people into welcomed and unwelcomed, but to welcome all.

Good and blessed Spirit, help us always to imitate the good and welcome everyone. Amen.

Contributed by Eric A. Roberts

Eternity for Today