Love all the sheep

Jesus, as the good shepherd of his sheep, will risk his life and even temporarily abandon the flock if that’s what it takes to save the one lost sheep. Jesus is the good shepherd because he knows his sheep and he calls us by name. Jesus is the good shepherd because before he goes to the cross, he lays down his life by coming out of the garden, the fold, leaving his sheep protected and safe in the garden, giving himself up for the sake of his disciples, his sheep. Jesus is the good shepherd because he will take up his life again in the resurrection and the ascension, the resurrection being our promise of life today and always, the ascension being the abiding place that Jesus prepares for the ones he loves.
In every image of the flock which Jesus employs, it is always clear that as important as the whole flock is, each individual sheep is as important to him as is the larger collective. It feels good to be known and loved so completely. Our task is to reflect that love out into the world, to care for Jesus’ flock just as he cares for us.

Almighty God, thank you for sending your Son to be our shepherd. May we know ourselves to be eternally part of your flock. Amen.

Contributed by Reverend Theo Robinson

Eternity for Today