Never alone

Life can sometimes be quite overwhelming, and everyone has days where they just aren’t sure they’re going to make it through. To-do lists seem never-ending, emails never stop coming, and piles of work, while they may not grow, also don’t seem to shrink. Add on family matters, good or bad, and societal demands, it’s no wonder that we are exhausted by the end of the day.
The good news is that, as people of faith, we have someone we can lean on when life becomes too much. God has promised to always be with us. Through thick and thin, in our highs and in our lows, in times of joy and in times of trial, God will walk with us through it all, giving us strength and courage, and enveloping us in hope, peace, grace, mercy and love.
When life gets bumpy, talk to God just as if you had a friend sitting in front of you. It can be a mess of words or a recited prayer from your childhood. It doesn’t matter. God will hear you no matter what. Know that you are never alone.

Almighty God, when life becomes tumultuous, may we know that, through our faith in you, we will always be loved; through our trust in Jesus, we will always be carried; and through our knowledge of the Holy Spirit, we are never alone.

Contributed by Reverend Theo Robinson

Eternity for Today