Right vs easy

Today’s passage talks about opposites. It talks about sin and righteousness, about what we are not and what we are. It talks about what the world does and doesn’t know. It talks about what is easy and what is right.
What is easy is to follow when society leads, no matter how that separates us from the love of God. What is right is that we are called to stand out as the children of God. We are encouraged to reveal the love of God in all the dark and lawless corners of the world so that the light of God’s love will shine forth and reveal us and our actions in Christ to the world.
Following in Christ’s footsteps, in his teachings, I hope we choose to educate the world around. Invite the world to join us in what it means to be a child of God, a follower of Christ. Let our righteousness show the way and reveal who we are in a world that knows more about sin.
So, then, I will continue to encourage us all to do what is right, not what is easy.

Blessed God, we give thanks for all that you give us. Help us reveal your love for the world and so reveal us to be your children, always. Amen.

Contributed by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Graham

Eternity for Today