The door is always open

Many people today find it difficult to have faith and hope for the journey ahead, and we see this in the reading for today as well. Peter points out that the people are looking for miracles, but they don’t believe in the One through whom miracles are possible.
But God doesn’t stop there. Sure, the Israelites, through ignorance of God’s plan, caused Jesus to be condemned, but God doesn’t love them any less. Sure, we may have difficulty finding hope and faith, but Jesus is still a part of our lives, just waiting for us to reach out for him, for God.
Miracles happen absolutely every day, starting with the fact that we wake up and have new opportunities. Each new day is a new grace-filled opportunity to turn to God, to remember that the source of miracles is found in each of our hearts.
Peter reminds us that humanity is prone to acting without thinking, yet the doors are always open to repent, return and be loved by God.

Loving God, we turn to you, who are full of love. Remind our hearts that it is by your grace and forgiveness that tomorrow dawns, filled with hope and faith. Amen.

Contributed by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Graham

Eternity for Today