These Sadducees bring Jesus a rhetorical question. They don’t believe in resurrection, they don’t believe in life after death, or even in heaven. They’re not looking at or even seeing the answer to their question in scripture, and Jesus points this out as they ask an impossible question.
There are people today who equally don’t believe in the resurrection. To them we point out Jesus’ response, we refer them back to the Scriptures, and we rely on Jesus’ wisdom about what the next steps are beyond this existence.
We keep learning, praying, coming to the Sacrament, and living in community because we live in the world post-Resurrection and post-Ascension. In fact, Jesus encourages us to continue to learn what the Kingdom is like, what life in the Spirit is like, and what life in the Body of Christ is all about.
We live life to its fullest, and we are encouraged to keep returning to the Scriptures to get to know better the God who loves us, in Word, in Sacrament, even when we get it quite wrong.

Teaching God, instill your love for each one of us and all of creation in everything we do, until that day we come face to face with you in the Kingdom. Amen.

Contributed by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Graham

Eternity for Today