Praying for guidance

Decisions! We all struggle when making important decisions, a source of stress and worry. Jesus is faced with an important decision. He has come to teach the people about God and their relationship with God. Now he needs to pass on his teaching to a chosen few who in turn will pass it on to others after he is gone. From his hundreds of followers, he must choose the ones to teach and train to carry on his ministry.
Jesus has a big decision to make, and he knows that above all, it is essential to seek God’s wisdom. He spends the night praying for guidance in making this critical decision. The next day, he called the disciples together and he chose 12, naming them apostles, which means “sent ones.”
They were just ordinary men with no outstanding talents or abilities. The Twelve were like us. They had their strengths and weaknesses. They made their share of mistakes, the kind of people that God is looking for. There is no single perfect mould that all Christians must fit into. God can use us all. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing.

God of wisdom, guide us in our struggles when making difficult choices. Amen. — LD

Contributed by Linda Douglas

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