Looking at the happy chatter around the table at Tim’s following our communion service at the local nursing home, I observed all members were in their 60s to 90s, noting their positive attitudes. As I remembered their multiple tragedies and trials, I marvelled at their radiant faces. Wondering why, I recalled a research study by the Ohio State University where researchers conducted two surveys, studying over 1,500 obituaries. Their first study revealed those with religious affiliations lived an average of 9.45 years longer than those who didn’t. The second study showed 5.64 more years of longevity.
Looking at elders in our lives, we see the benefits of church involvement, with social interaction, volunteering and regular attendance, hearing God’s message that deepens their faith, feeds their souls, eases stress with the support of fellow Christians, preparing them for the Day of the Lord. As they age, approaching end-of-life, we see they’re at peace, despite illness and loss. They “strive to be found by him at peace, without spot or blemish.” (verse 14) So the lesson we’ve learned is: to live better and for longer have faith in God and go to church; research supports this.

God, amid life’s chaos, help us find and live in the communion of saints here on earth. Amen. — G/CW

Contributed by George and Cathy Watson

Eternity for Today