The Saskatchewan Bandit

In today’s reading, we see there were outlaws and bandits in biblical times much like the old west where bandits roamed the Saskatchewan/Montana border. One outlaw, Sam Kelley, the bane of the Northwest Mounted Police, was stealing horses and terrorizing ranchers when not robbing banks and trains, hiding in Big Muddy Valley caves. He pulled off a jail break of two crooks from a Montana jail, tipping his hat at the sheriff’s wife while making the escape. Finally, tiring of his fugitive lifestyle and fearing disastrous repercussions because of his life of crime, Kelley settled on a small farm in Debden, Saskatchewan, becoming mostly a decent, law-abiding citizen. Perhaps he read, “The Lord is planning disaster against this family.” (verse 3)
When I was a jail social worker, I found those who plot evil and plan iniquity do not truly enjoy or are content with their ill-gotten gain or “live happily ever after,” but fall into a life of disaster. A look at biblical characters, Haman, Ahab and Jezebel will testify to this.
The book of Micah called for God’s people to repent from their evil, selfish lifestyle, to be law-abiding citizens of this world and God’s heavenly kingdom.

God, help us to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with you. Amen. — G/CW

Contributed by George and Cathy Watson

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