A young Ukrainian family desperately needed to leave the war and destruction of their occupied city. After four attempts to escape with one attempt blocked by soldiers threatening to shoot them, they were successful, reaching Poland. While staying in a crowded house owned by a local church, they started the bureaucratic maze of paperwork. The husband’s documents were lost. The parents were approved but their baby’s documentation was delayed six weeks. With interventions by the Canadian government, the process was completed, with the family’s arrival in Alberta in July 2022.
Matthew 24 tells of Jesus’ response to the disciple’s questions about the destruction of the Temple. Jesus warns them of coming desolation, the increase of wars, famines, earthquakes. When these start, Jesus instructs them not to be tied to their earthly belongings but to flee, protect themselves. The Ukrainian family left destruction, fleeing to Canada. Jesus’ instruction specifically mentions compassionate care for women and infants, a cultural concept unheard of in a world which considered women and infants subordinate to men. Jesus loves all of us, teaching his disciples the importance of women, coming in human form to our destructive world, paving the way to our safe heavenly home.

Thank you, Jesus, for making a path for us through the world’s destructive maze. Amen. — G/CW

Contributed by George and Cathy Watson

Eternity for Today