The King

Last May 6, King Charles III’s coronation occurred following a time of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II. Before the coronation, many changes were made: a new face on stamps and currency, wording of our national anthem changed to “God Save the King,” the Royal cypher updated with King Charles’ monogram, members of Parliament swearing an oath of office in the name of the King, just to name a few.
The book of Zechariah, written about 70 years following the Israelites’ Babylonian exile, encouraged them to prepare for a new king, a promised Messiah. But there was idol worship and other sins that were against God that needed to be washed away. Not everyone accepted this message, causing many difficult circumstances; our reading states only a third lived on account of their belief in God. (verse 8) These changes refined them like silver and tested them like gold. (verse 9) Yet, God was with them, making them better, pure.
As we prepare for Christmas, let’s follow Zechariah’s message by preparing our hearts, cleansing them by asking for forgiveness, accepting Jesus as our King, making us part of the royal family of God.

Thank you, Jesus, for being the Ruler of our lives in spite of what we have done. Amen. — G/CW

Contributed by George and Cathy Watson

Eternity for Today