In the Potter’s hand

One of the favourite things my sister and I liked to do together was to visit art galleries. Elaine was an artist in her own right, talented in painting and weaving. She greatly admired the creations of other artists and craftspeople, especially potters.
Most of our time in a gallery was spent viewing the works of various potters. What had each artist seen in that lump of clay? A decorative bowl or vase? A more practical piece—mug, pitcher, bowl or teapot? We marveled at how lifeless lumps of clay had been shaped into something beautiful, something useful. How very interesting it was to see the different interpretations in clay, some rustic, some refined, some in muted earth tones, others with brilliant streaks of colour.
We seldom left a gallery without a memento, be it a mug or a cream pitcher, to remind us of our time together. We laughed at how tea would surely taste better sipped from a handcrafted mug!
We are the clay in the hands of God. What a lovely image! God will mold and shape us with grace and mercy to become something beautiful and useful to God and God’s people.

Gracious Master Potter, mold me after your will. Amen. — KBL

Contributed by Kathleen (aka Kathy) Lee

Eternity for Today