The least of these

We were walking back to our car after attending vespers at Calgary’s Anglican Cathedral Church of the Redeemer. It was dark and it was cold. A fellow in shabby attire was standing near the corner, waiting for a bus. “Do you have a pair of gloves you could give me?”
“Sorry, no,” my husband Jim replied, thinking of the brand new Isotoner gloves he was wearing. We hurried past, turned the corner and entered the warmth of the lower level of the parking garage. As we did so Jim ruefully remarked, “That was wrong! I should have given him these gloves. I can always buy another pair. It’s too late, now; he’ll be gone.” I agreed.
As we exited the garage, we saw that the man was still there. The traffic light had just turned green so there was only enough time to roll down the window and hand him the gloves. We heard, “Thanks a lot!” as we drove away. We had encountered Christ in disguise. Jesus needed a pair of gloves that cold November evening.

Lord Jesus, let me always see you in the face of the least of these. Amen. — KBL

Contributed by Kathleen (aka Kathy) Lee

Eternity for Today