The source of all hope

The great English poet Alexander Pope wrote that hope springs eternal in the human breast. But where does true hope come from? Scripture proclaims without compromise that hope finds its one and true source: Jesus Christ, crucified and risen. Not to be mistaken for wishful thinking, Christian hope is the fervent trust that God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—will deliver what God has promised. Through the forgiveness of our sins, God has promised us a glorious inheritance! So let us enter worship tomorrow, with open hearts and eager minds, ready to receive this gift afresh—our glorious inheritance—more and more coming to understand what it means to be saved through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the risen and ascended Lord, the source of life, joy and hope.

God of all hopefulness, I pray that I would always live in gratitude for the glorious inheritance you have given me through Jesus Christ. Amen. — TK

Contributed by Thomas Keeley

Eternity for Today