Thy kingdom come

Is monarchy a vestige of a colonial history best put behind us or a valuable institution connecting past to present? We each have our views. Unlike the constitutional monarchy of modern Canada, ancient Israel was an absolute monarchy. David is remembered as Israel’s greatest king. Through the prophets, God promised that an even greater king than David would come. This king, a descendent of David, would be the Messiah, “the anointed one” (translated as “Christ” in Greek). He would come not only for the sake of Israel, but for the whole world. Speaking through the prophet Ezekiel, God refers to this king as “my servant David” and describes him as a shepherd. Through the Messiah, true peace and justice would be realized.
We Christians confess that Jesus Christ is this king, the Messiah, the one who came into the world to rise and die for the sake of sinners, and who will come again to establish God’s kingdom in its fullness. Advent begins next week. During this church season, we will collectively anticipate Christ’s return in glory to fulfill Ezekiel’s prophecy. Let us pray fervently for the arrival of Christ’s coming kingdom.

O God of hope, I pray for your coming kingdom. Help me always and everywhere to have faith in your promised return. Amen. — TK

Contributed by Thomas Keeley

Eternity for Today