A bonding experience

In our study group, it was noted that coming from a large family has some benefits we don’t always consider. As one example, a multi-sibling family offers a wide range of people to interact with, often resulting in many interesting experiences that may or may not involve first aid. Out of such activities, a variety of stories become part of the family lore, which has the effect of bonding the family together.
Single children often bond as well with others outside of their family, although it may be a somewhat different experience. Bonds form whenever people share some history, especially if it is a history that involves unusual or memorable events. The result is a lasting, cherished bond.
Such a history is what we read in our psalm for today. The psalmist recounts the bonding experience that resulted in the people of Israel coming through difficult times and forming a bond with each other, as well as a special relationship with God. They had responded to God’s blessings and were in turn blessed.
We, too, are encouraged to have a special bond with God, a bond formed through inviting God to be with us on our earthly journey—supporting, guiding and loving us.

Loving God, be with me on my life journey. Watch over me in my efforts to be bonded to you, so that I may rejoice in being part of your extended family. Amen. — NHLC

Contributed by New Hope Lutheran Church – Charles Nolting, Jane Ansamaa, Debbie Frantila, Paula Kankaanpaa, Aila Maki, Eila and Niilo Saari and Betty and Jack Tapanila

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