The complacent life

The remarkable thing about Matthew is that he doesn’t appear to have had any reason to follow Jesus. As a tax collector, Matthew probably made a good living, had his own house and a number of friends. What more could he need?
We may possibly be in a similar situation. While we may not have everything we think we want, and while we may have some things to complain about, in general, life is pretty good, and we are grateful for it.
Unfortunately, such a complacent lifestyle does little to motivate us to do or be more. If we are happy with the way things are, why should we want to change anything?
And yet, it seems that Matthew did want more. Perhaps that’s why we have a day set aside to remember him. He couldn’t live the complacent life. Something was nagging at him, and he wanted change. Perhaps he had been asking himself if there wasn’t more to life. Whatever the reason, we can be glad that he chose to follow.

Gracious Lord, you bless us with many good things to be thankful for. Help us to use our blessings in ways that will also help others see your hand at work in their lives. Amen. — NHLC

Contributed by New Hope Lutheran Church – Charles Nolting, Jane Ansamaa, Debbie Frantila, Paula Kankaanpaa, Aila Maki, Eila and Niilo Saari and Betty and Jack Tapanila

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