I just wanted to die

Have you ever felt so bad about a situation that you were just ready to give up and die? While it can happen when we feel embarrassed over something we did, such a feeling usually is the result of some extremely bad circumstances.
That was how the Israelites felt about their situation in the wilderness. They had gained their freedom and now longed for what used to be. Or at least some parts of it. And so, like many, they complained. They longed for the meat and bread of Egypt.
As we see in this lesson, God provided them with what they needed, although possibly not what they wanted or expected. What they came to learn was that God never gives up on us and provides us with what we need, but not necessarily what we want.
We can learn from this, too, that God listens to our complaining, that God is patient with us, and that God can get us through our worst situations.

Merciful Lord, be with me when I struggle though difficult times. Remind me that you hear my cries and will guide appropriately if I am receptive to you. Give me the strength I need, and the wisdom and faith to trust your direction. Amen. — NHLC

Contributed by New Hope Lutheran Church – Charles Nolting, Jane Ansamaa, Debbie Frantila, Paula Kankaanpaa, Aila Maki, Eila and Niilo Saari and Betty and Jack Tapanila

Eternity for Today