Talk to me

Most of those who participate in our Zoom Bible study group are grandparents. As grandparents, it’s been noted that when we are in conversation with younger grandchildren, the conversation can be a bit one-sided, since the young ones are so eager to tell us about their activities, and grandparents are eager to hear what they have to say. There is no need to attempt to impress a grandparent, as we are just happy to hear from those we love so dearly.
When talking to our heavenly parent, we use prayer which, in its most basic form, is often the beginning of a conversation. Just as grandparents want to hear from grandchildren, God also wants a close prayer relationship with us. It doesn’t have to be grand or wordy; God just wants to hear from us as to what is on our minds and in our hearts. God’s expectations are not complicated.
Because a conversation can come to a complete stop when one can’t think of anything else to say, Jesus provides words for us in this lesson. Over time, our initial conversations with God may become fulfilled.

Loving Lord, may I always feel comfortable enough to hold a conversation with you. Amen. — NHLC

Contributed by New Hope Lutheran Church – Charles Nolting, Jane Ansamaa, Debbie Frantila, Paula Kankaanpaa, Aila Maki, Eila and Niilo Saari and Betty and Jack Tapanila

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