From bad to good

When something bad happens, we have a choice to make regarding how it will affect us. We can either allow it to make us into self-serving, inward-thinking people, or find the desire to do something positive for others. Sometimes, something bad is what jars our lives into something positive. A loved one is killed by a drunk driver, and the results may be that one turns to drink themselves, or they begin an anti-drunk driving campaign.
While these can be difficult choices, it can help to understand that God has plans for us, even though it may take years or even decades to connect all the dots. In spite of all his hardship, Joseph trusted that God had a plan for him, even when that plan took a long time to come to fruition, making many twists and turns along the way. Whether enslaved or in prison, Joseph had no way of knowing God’s plan for him, yet he continued to be of service to others and, at the point of this lesson, he connects the dots for his brothers. May we also always continue to be of service to others, regardless of our circumstances.

Glorious God, help me understand that I, too, am included in your grand plan, and you will be with me regardless of my circumstances. Build my trust in you so that my faith will grow. Amen. — NHLC

Contributed by New Hope Lutheran Church – Charles Nolting, Jane Ansamaa, Debbie Frantila, Paula Kankaanpaa, Aila Maki, Eila and Niilo Saari and Betty and Jack Tapanila

Eternity for Today