The path before us

I have had many travel experiences. Some of them have been my choice, but not all, because I am the spouse of a member of the Canadian military
In his life, my father travelled most of Canada, the United States and some European countries. Even so, he died in the same room where he had been born. In contrast, our son moved five times and visited nine countries before he began Jr. Kindergarten at age four. Right now, our world is filled with many who have no choice as they are being uprooted and relocated by violence, famine and war.
It would have taken great faith for Abram at age 75 to gather together everything in his life and begin a journey of which the destination was unclear. He showed great faith, overcoming reluctance to leave his comfortable life. But Abram obeyed and began to journey on by stages. Abram was blessed by God. We have the assurance that God is with the faithful, working for good in all things. Hold this truth when facing change. God will surprise and bless us, too.

Gracious God, your vision is greater than we can understand. Guide us and strengthen us so we joyfully follow your will in all we do. Amen. — PAM

Contributed by Rev. Pamela McNeil

Eternity for Today