Centre stage

About this time each year one of the exciting things that happens at Camp Lutherlyn is putting the docks in the water for another summer of church camping. One summer, my husband brought his cottage maintenance crew to camp to help with this job, and by the time I arrived at the beach, everything was done. He teased me. “Where were you when we were doing the work?” Of course, I was not there yet, and that is also the only answer Job can give. Job was not at the centre of creation.

When we put self in the centre of life, we become lost in moments of “Why me?” and we miss the awesome power of God. In Job 38:12-13, the image of God, not as a person but as the tremendous authority causing dawn to grasp the skirts of earth to shake out the wicked, is so very powerful. As we yearn to live in God’s light, faith helps us to see that the same power which shakes loose the wicked will also lovingly embrace all God’s beloved.

God of power and might, your glory is present in all of creation. Inspire us to recognize you as the centre of our life and to live in your loving embrace. Amen. — PAM

Contributed by Rev. Pamela McNeil

Eternity for Today