Loving imperfectly

The ups and downs of life and the swing between despair and ecstasy is a mirror of how the disciples must have felt watching their good friend be killed and then meeting him again, living and sharing bread with them. It crosses their minds that the entire episode could be some kind of trick. We, too, doubt and look for ways to explain the mystery of God. From our doubt, how is it possible to follow Christ’s commission to baptize and teach?

Making disciples calls for more than inviting someone to come to church and help collect the offering. It is about truly loving as we are taught through the work of the triune God: the loving wisdom which created; the loving sacrifice which saves us; the presence in our heart prompting us to love and helping us accept that we are loved in all our weirdness and doubt and imperfection.

Making disciples is about loving others as we are loved and loving others in spite of different lifestyles, opinions and faults. Making disciples is about opening our hearts to change, and guess what? We are not left alone to do this. The presence of the Divine is with us. Jesus has promised this.

Divine, mysterious Three in One, forgive our doubt. Surprise us with your presence and purpose in our life. Amen. — PAM

Contributed by Rev. Pamela McNeil

Eternity for Today