It is good!

don’t know whether God created the world in seven 24-hour days, although I suspect not. Certainly, our knowledge of dinosaurs tells us that the process of creation was likely a little more complex than these verses might suggest.

But whether it is 100% factually true or not does not take away from the truth of the story, which is that our God is a creative God, that God created the world and all the things that grow and creep and run and swim, and that God created us. God lovingly created humans in God’s image, the sacredness and holiness of God stitched into their flesh and bones and hearts.

And more, the truth is that God saw what God had created, and it was very good. God did not proclaim creation perfect, unbreakable, or even easy. God called it good.

You may struggle with one thing or another, and we know that you aren’t perfect. But no matter what, God looks at you and calls you good. God created you, and God looks on you with love.

Help us all to know our belovedness, God, and help me to see the goodness that you see in the world. Amen. — JM

Contributed by Joanna Miller

Eternity for Today