Radical honesty

After attending a mid-week Lenten service, I was enjoying a coffee in the narthex. An influential member of our congregation, whom I admired, was speaking with a small group nearby. To my astonishment, she loudly criticized a new program I was undertaking at the church. Shocked and devastated, I finished my coffee and slunk out to my car.

On the drive home, I made several attempts to pray about this, but just couldn’t seem to find the right words. Finally, I just shouted out loud, “God, this is so unfair!” and went on to say exactly how I felt. I wasn’t mincing my words either, expressing my hurt and disappointment.

The next morning, I felt guilty for having unloaded on the Lord, and not very politely either. I phoned a good friend, who is a retired minister, and explained what had happened. She just laughed and told me not to worry, because God always knows the truth in our hearts, no matter how we say it. She added that God probably likes those really honest prayers the best of all.

Understanding Lord, help us trust that even when we have trouble praying, you know what we need the most. Amen. — AMG

Contributed by Anne Galt

Eternity for Today