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What do non-believers say about us Christians? Perhaps just as important is what they think. Have others treated you differently when they learned of your faith? In this country, we’re fortunate to be spared the frightening forms of discrimination that churchgoers in some other parts of the world experience. But perhaps those observing us don’t always see the whole picture.

We are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. To a lot of people, evangelical is a loaded term. They assume that we must hold some definite and largely conservative social views, and if they’re not careful, we might try to convert them. Some other churches have done a really good job of getting that impression across.

As Lutherans, we probably hold as many different viewpoints as there are members in a church. We have the freedom to allow God to guide us that way. Evangelizing means spreading the message of the gospel, so when we talk about our faith, we need to let the love and care and desire to help others shine through.

Accepting and welcoming God, help us to share our beliefs in ways that let others see your amazing grace. Amen. — AMG

Contributed by Anne Galt

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